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I'm a Developer, Tech-Enthusiast, Photographer

About Me

I am Edwin Chan, a full-stack developer from Hong Kong. I am passionate about Full-Stack and Software Development and have built multiple applications. I enjoy working with different people, and love to try out different technologies.

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JavaScript, Node.js, React Native


Python, Swift


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Projects completed


Cumulative GPA


Hackathon Award


2020 - 2022

Master of Science

Cumulative GPA: 3.97 / 4.0
Product Innovation (MSPRIN)
Iovine and Young Academy,
University of Southern California

2016 - 2020

Bachelor of Science

Cumulative GPA: 3.85 / 4.0
Computer Engineering and Computer Science(CECS)
Viterbi School of Engineering,
University of Southern California

2010 - 2016

High School

St. Paul's Co-Educational College

Fall 2021


Product Strategy Consultant

Analyzed Fisher-Price’s top-selling products in the past 25 years and generated insights on consumer needs in the market.

Summer 2021

Samsung Design Center

Product Design Consultant

Conducted design research and user research on Active Lifestyle consumer space. Incorporated client feedback from client meetings for concept ideation and speculative design.

2019 - 2020



I designed the system architecture of the product and created the React Native Application, along with the website.

Summer 2018

Shun Hing Technology Ltd.

Software Engineering Intern

I worked on the Hong Kong MTR Commercial Broadcasting System, which plays advertisements through panels located in different stations and is controlled by the central control room.


  • Everything
  • Startup
  • Side-Project
  • Hackathon



FishBot is an automated fish-farming platform which uses IoT and Cloud technology to help fish-farmers scale up their productions and reduce the resources required.

We developed FishBot with state-of-the-art technology. With our system providing real-time information, fish-farmers can monitor the water environment in their farms, and the data collected will be used to further refine the system.

Check out our Startup

The Clock

The Clock

Do you want to know the current time of different places in the world? This extension, The Clock, will exactly present to you what you want to know!

Instead of having to remember the time difference between time zones, within on click onto the extension icon on your upper right hand corner, you can immediately access the time for different time zones!

In this project, I aimed to provide a minimalist approach towards the presentation of clocks - making the UI simple to manage. What you have to do is to type the time zone into the text field and the supported time zones will appear below it. If you want a certain time zone to be included but you can't find it from the current ones provided, feel free to reach out and comment in the comment section of which area zones you want to be added! Also feel free to give improvement suggestions in the comments tabs! I would love to listen to you guys for improvements since it is also my first Google Extension!

This app also facilitates interactions between people in different time zones. For example, if you want to collaborate with other people in other time zones on projects, sometimes it is hard to remember or figure out the time, hence it may cause confusions. With this extension, within a click, you can immediately retrieve the information you need without the need to swipe away from the webpage you are reading from, which make things easier.

Some advantages of using this clock:

  • Simple UI which users can add a few clocks that they want into the list.
  • Display both Analog and Digital time.
  • Users do not need to swipe away from their current webpage to retrieve time.
  • Minimalist design which works well with Chrome
  • Daylight Saving Time issues are automatically taken care of, and indicated in the extension for the region.

P.S. credits to CoolClock for their design of the analog clock

Try on Chrome Web Store!



Rides is an Alexa Skill which simplifies the entire process of fare estimation and time estimation to go from place to place with a single voice command! Just by saying "Alexa, ask Smart Rides, from {a} to {b} Uber or Lyft?", you can get the estimation from both companies, which streamlines the entire approach, without the need to fumble your apps in your phone to get the two individual quotes from respective mobile apps!

At the same time, Rides also offer convenience in knowing about the time estimation from one place to another. By just saying "Alexa, ask Smart Rides, how long does it take to go from {a} to {b}?" , it returns you the estimate of driving time, and also public transport(if it could be routed).

Now Live on Alexa Skill Market



ViHack is a React-native application using machine learning to suggest which insurance plan should consumers buy based on their demographics. We also performed data visualization on the provided data set of 1.428 million users to figure out relationships between different variables. It is built during YHack2017 and won the Best Use of Amazon Web Services award.

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Sleeping Mask

Sleeping Mask(Side Project at Makers at USC)

The sleep mask project was built during my freshman year. We built a sleeping mask to enhance sleeping experience by waking users at the optimal time in the sleeping cycle, using Adafruit Flora.

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